We will work together collaboratively to help you recognize and change old habits, beliefs, and thought patterns.

My goal as a therapist is to help you discover and define what holds you back from successfully navigating your life.


My approach is a practical one with an emphasis on helping you move away from simply “telling your story.” By empowering you to take action to create meaningful change in your life you’ll feel more at peace and in control of your destiny.

Areas of ExpertiseAbout Claire

Difficult relationships and transitions in life can open us up to new ways of being.

I will be your collaborative companion on the journey to your best self as we seek to understand and make peace with life issues created or exacerbated by your experience with a narcissist or a challenging transition.

We will work together to help you identify, understand, and start to change habitual patterns in your life that have held you back, caused you pain, and impacted your relationships.

Claire McKay, MA, LPC

I believe that the crises and transitions we experience are often opportunities for growth and empowerment. They are signals from our souls that we have been presented with an opportunity for conscious evolution. Life is often challenging and even painful at times, but my core belief is that we can, with support and guidance, transcend difficult events or transitions and come out on the other side in a place of clearer perspective and greater strength, awareness, and peace.