Have you been in a relationship with a narcissist?

A significant relationship with a narcissist will cause us to doubt ourselves regardless of how smart we are, diminish our sense of self, and make us feel as if all problems in the relationship are our fault.


I want to help you get clarity on your strength and power, and to help you come home to yourself – to who you really are.

What does narcissism look like?

Someone with narcissistic tendencies may exhibit the following behaviors:

  • Grandiosity
  • Self-absorbed
  • Rule-breakers (“those rules don’t apply to me”)
  • Difficulty showing true interest in others
  • Violates boundaries
  • Does things to impress others and show how special they are
  • Entitlement
  • Charming and persuasive
  • May be emotionally abusive and quick to judge and blame others
  • Manipulative to get their own needs met
  • Lack of empathy

How does it affect you?

People who have been in a significant relationship with someone with narcissistic tendencies may experience the following:

  • Being highly sensitive to criticism including a tendency to “collapse” when criticized
  • Lack of self-worth
  • Excessive self-doubt
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Feeling self-conscious and insecure
  • Lack of clarity about who you really are
  • Lack of confidence in your accomplishments
  • Feelings of anxiety about the opinions of others
  • Lack of clarity about your own values and preferences

In the course of our meetings, we will explore your relationships and it may become apparent that you have been impacted by someone with narcissistic tendencies. Having said that, narcissism can be viewed on a continuum and while few people actually meet all of the criteria for that diagnosis, people in your life may exhibit narcissistic tendencies that are significant enough to have seriously impacted you. My job is not to diagnose the person with whom you’ve had a relationship, but to help you understand how that relationship impacted you and to start to heal from its effects.

I will help you identify, understand, and start to change habitual patterns in your life that have held you back, caused you pain, and impacted your relationships.