(Re)discover your true self, and reclaim your personal power.

I work with people who have been in a relationship with a person with narcissistic tendencies or who have experienced a difficult transition in their lives.

Recover after being in a relationship with a narcissist.

I understand how it feels to lose yourself in the face of poor boundaries, emotional abuse, and an overwhelming and unreasonable sense of responsibility. I understand the damage that can be done in these relationships and the steps you can take to heal yourself from the pain inflicted on you by a person with these tendencies. If you have been in an intimate relationship with someone with these tendencies, you may be experiencing anxiety, depression, feelings of low self-worth, lack of confidence, and excessive self-doubt.

Do you suspect you have been or are in a relationship with someone with these tendencies? Learn more here.

Find solid ground during (or after) a life transition.

I provide support for women who are making (or have made) difficult or challenging transitions in their lives. Whether it’s divorce, a new job, a move, or a new period of personal growth that is often accompanied by uncomfortable feelings and experiences. Finding balance, getting a fresh perspective, and having a coach along the way can assist women in finding solid ground under their feet after making a transition.

Individual Counseling

Therapy can help you identify beliefs, assumptions, actions, and reactions which may be unconscious and which tend to sabotage our efforts to live a happy and fulfilled life. Therapy can reveal errors in thinking that create problems in our relationship with ourselves and others. It can provide a catalyst for positive change and growth while supporting clients as they navigate those changes. Psychotherapy can help to clarify the values and belief systems that inform our actions so that we live with integrity and authenticity.


Single Session

50-Minute session: $90

Styles of Therapy include:
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Humanistic Psychology (humanism)
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)
Mindfulness-Based Interventions
Positive Psychology
Transpersonal Psychotherapy

About insurance:

While I am aware that using insurance lessens your out-of-pocket expenses, there are some things to consider before using your insurance for therapy. Click here for some of those considerations.

I also work with a limited number of clients on a sliding scale basis, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel that the opportunity to use a sliding scale rate would make therapy more affordable and accessible to you.

Useful Resources

Books to help guide you down the right path.