About Claire

I started visiting Claire about a year and a half ago. Each visit, I walk away feeling encouraged, a little more confident, and I also have something to think about or work on prior to our next visit. The growth I have experienced in this time is very evident in my relationships with others, and I know that Claire had a huge role in that. Her calm, professional, and sincere demeanor was exactly what I needed, and she has been instrumental in helping me work through issues that I have been struggling with for years. I highly recommend Claire to anyone looking for a safe space to talk, grow, learn, or improve.

–EM April 22, 2019

Something a therapist can offer is a different perspective. I was lost in the weeds, and couldn’t see my way out of a difficult place. Claire had a way of guiding me. She asked the right questions that led me to a place of discovery. She was my champion and did not allow me to minimize even the smallest steps toward progress. The time I spent with her gave me the tools, the confidence, the self-awareness and self-love to choose the life I wanted.